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Want to turn your dream of a Home in France into a Reality?

'Cle Mortgages'

We have 2 solutions for You...

Option 1

Let Us Unlock the Potential from Your UK Property!

You could buy a Holiday Home in France by unlocking some of the value of your UK home and using the cash to snap up a Bargain French Property.

It makes sound financial sense to raise the money in your own country where you earn your income, so you don't have to worry about the vagaries of future interest rate fluctuations.

UK interest rates are still at historic lows, and in most cases we can achieve this with No Fees at all.

We can arrange a UK re-mortgage within the protection of the UK financial regulations, in your own language, with the a possible bonus of reducing your monthly payments on your current mortgage by having a better overall interest rate.

We can get you an 'Agreement in Principle' in advance so you will be able to go house hunting with confidences and negotiate a great price as you are effectively a cash buyer in France.

Contact Us Today to find out more, on a no obligation basis of course.
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Option 2

The 'French Mortgage' route.

The ideal option if you don't want to tie up your capital due to

low exchange rates?

With record low interest rates you can take a mortgage out and when the Pound recovers pay lump sums or even pay off the whole mortgage.

We can arrange mortgages in France up to 85% of the purchase price with interest rates starting from as low as 1.35%

We also offer a Free mortgage pre-approval service, so you understand what options are available to you, even if you haven't yet found a property.

Contact Us Today to find out more, on a no obligation basis of course.
Cle France enquiry
Thinking of buying in another country?
We arrange finance in over 30 countries across Europe, USA and the Caribbean.

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