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How to Buy Now and Beat the Brexit Deadline

Buy Now and Beat the Brexit Deadline!

First and foremost I hope all our clients, subscribers and website visitors, and of course your families are in good health and good spirits despite the difficult times we are all currently experiencing.

None of us know how long the current restrictions will last. And for UK buyers there is the added complication of a Brexit deadline of the 31st December. Of course it is entirely possible that the UK will request an extension to the Brexit deadline given the current situation, but as of today that is not our Government’s policy. So there is a real anxiety for those of you who fear that if the restrictions continue you will not have the time to purchase of your home and start the process of applying for residency before the deadline.

And that is why we have collaborated with our colleagues and found a possible solution, and that is to buy your property without first visiting it, i.e to buy ‘unseen’.

I should say that this is not something I would recommend in normal circumstances. And for those of you who are planning to buy a holiday home my advice would remain the same; that it is in your interest always to view any property you are considering buying. For those clients the lockdown will end at some point, and you can look forward to travelling again.

But for those wishing to make France their permanent home, buying ‘unseen’ will mean that you can start the process of purchasing your property straight away, with a possible completion of around the end of June - mid July, ahead of the traditional August holidays in France, and then to start your residency application when the local authorities re-open at the beginning of September, thus ensuring that you are within the current expected deadline.


Anyone considering this as an option must be clear that the buyer will be judicially and financially committed relatively quickly, possibly within two weeks of the process beginning, and that failure to complete on a purchase would result in the loss of the 10% deposit. So it is not a course of action to be casually embarked upon.

But where our local agent and notaire colleagues feel we can facilitate this approach, whilst still maintaining the highest duty of care towards our purchasers and of course towards vendors also, we will endeavour to assist.

If you feel that this may be a route for you, please feel free to email me for further details.

In the meantime Stay Well,

We’ll stay in touch!

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Kind regards, 
Sharon Evans 
Founder of Cle France

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